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REAL ESTATE BROKERS — Patricia Hamelin and Carlo Spina are more than just partners in life and business. They are an outstanding duo that has risen to the highest ranks of real estate. Their many awards and continuous referrals say it all.

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Patricia Hamelin

Patricia Hamelin – At the top since 2008

Patricia is a highly dedicated and proactive broker who quickly rose the ranks to become one of the top female real estate brokers in Quebec. As proof, her many awards and recognitions include the prestigious RE/MAX Chairman’s Club and Lifetime achievement award. Buoyed by her track record within Quebec’s most successful real estate team, Patricia decided to offer her clients a 100% personalized service to better support them through every step of process. A McGill university graduate and previous competitive figure skater, she knows the definition of hard work.

“I believe that investing oneself fully in a transaction, without limitations or time constraints, can make all the difference in its success. I like having free rein to fine-tune the details of a mandate. My service is fully tailored – whether it’s conceiving a bold marketing plan or negotiating a specific clause. I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach, and even less so in our current sizzling market. I adapt to my clients, never the other way around.” – Patricia

Fun facts about Patricia: Patricia loves the outdoors and can’t get enough of the sunshine. She adores design, architecture and all things that are beautiful. She’s always on the lookout for the perfect snack for her kids and HS family.

Carlo Spina

Carlo Spina – The embodiment of innovation

Carlo is a born perfectionist who excels at identifying the ideal strategy and carrying it out to perfection. From innovative marketing to home staging advice, he leaves no detail to chance. His can-do approach, combined with his extensive renovation knowledge, make him an astute advisor.

“Nothing offers greater value – on either an emotional or financial level – than a real estate transaction. Being a family man myself, I know how important it is to build a solid heritage. In that sense, I view each mandate as being of immense importance. I make it my mission to commit to the mandate as if it were my own assets at stake.” – Carlo

Fun facts about Carlo: Carlo is always the life of the party and shines with positivity! His tomato sauce is truly hard to beat and loves learning new recipes. Renovations projects, sports and spending time with his kids are always on top of his list.

Jayme Rae Dailey

Jayme Rae Dailey
Residential real estate broker

Jayme Rae Dailey is a Montreal native who spent the last decade working in television and film as a professional dancer, choreographer and actress in Los Angeles, California. She has a very disciplined work ethic and when setting her mind to something, she sees it through with integrity and commitment. This has resulted in her thriving within a demanding industry and becoming one of the most sought after in her field. When moving back to Montreal in 2021 and searching for a home with her fiancé, she discovered her genuine interest for real estate and knew that this was her future career path. Similar to the entertainment industry; being an entrepreneur, hard work, tenacity and building connections with people is where she shines.

She completed her residential real estate course at « Collège En Immobilier » and is excited to be joining the HSimmobiler team as part of the REMAX family.

« Integrity above all » describes me best. I value the power of authencity and mastering the knowledge of ones profession. I’m big on wellness, eating healthy and exercising so that I can be at my best for my family and in the workforce. I have a passion for building aesthetics, indoor spaces and detail. I look forward to helping my clients realize their real estate goals.

Mélissa Roy

Mélissa Roy
Residential real estate broker

Mélissa is passionate about human relations. Thanks to her strong interpersonal skills, she always makes sure she gets it right, and her priority is to listen to her customers. Her attention to detail and ability to communicate well with others reflect her background as a teacher. Given her passion for architecture as well as interior design, and having an enterprising personality, Mélissa has found her niche in the real estate profession.

Her professionalism and determination help guide her clients to take confident action to realize their real estate projects! Mélissa keeps her finger on the pulse of the real estate market and seeks creative business solutions to better guide her clients through the process of buying or selling real estate assets.

Anecdote: Mélissa loves all sporting activities and the outdoors in the mountains. She's also passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. And yes, she's the one who's always talking to everyone in airport queues!

Jessica Decarie

Jessica Decarie
Administrative Coordinator

Jessica's real estate career began in 2017 when she worked as a secretary for a real estate agency. She has since added almost every angle of the industry to her experience; office coordinator, administrative assistant, secretary and now administrative coordinator here with us at HS Immobilier. Jessica is also a real estate broker and has 2 years of sales under her belt. Her attention to detail, sense of organization and vast experience in the industry are key elements of her role within our team.

“I'm a people person and there's nothing I love more than helping people! My job allows me to put these qualities to good use every day by assisting client in their buying process for what often turns out to be the biggest transaction of their life. My greatest satisfaction is working on a file from start to finish and seeing projects come to life by helping families get their dream home, sell their property or invest. It is an honor to witness these beautiful life stories on a daily basis.”

Fun facts about Jess: Jessica is always ready for all types of adventure. She loves anything that allows her to interact with people and have a good time. She is a child at heart and loves planning activities with her son and with friends. Jessica is always the « mom » of the group; she takes care of everyone and is the shoulder to lean on. Jessica has a flamboyant personality; she likes to have fun and is always full of jokes!

RE/MAX du Cartier — A natural ally

Joining the number one agency was an easy choice for HS immobillier. It allows them to offer their clients the best protections on the market as well as access to a global network. The fact that they also get to work with an agency management that’s as people-focused as it is results-focused – and that offers state-of-the-art training – is more than a natural fit. It’s a professional match custom-made in heaven.

The Hamelin Spina effect in a few words...

  • — Luxurious peace of mind
  • — Unbeatable availability
  • — Results that exceed initial expectations

With HS immobilier – in French, English or Italian – success has no limits.

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